RX4-S Surveyor Quadcopter with Retractable Landing Gear

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The RX4-S Surveyor quadrotor uses an automatic retracting landing gear system for an unobstructed camera view while offering a modular gimbal design. The arms are foldable and allow the unit to be transported easily without requiring propeller removal. A LiDAR sensor is included for precise altitude hold even indoors.

New compact and folding design provides 30 minutes of flight time using a 12,000mAh 6S battery (included). Made of strong yet lightweight carbon fiber and aluminum.

The XGimbal 3S 3-axis stabilized gimbal for the Sony RX-100 (models 2 and 3) is the ideal choice for performing aerial surveys because of it's light weight, 20MP resolution and 24-70 mm Carl Zeiss lens. Live video is also transmitted from the camera's HD video output and converted to standard analog over 5.8Ghz, then displayed on the included BrightView F12 radio. The optional shutter/video and zoom control provides the operator with complete control of the camera.

The newly released XGimbal Lite 360 for GoPro can also be used with the RX4-S quadrotor and allows for full 360-degree control of the pan axis independantly of the RX4-S aircraft control. This allows an optional 2nd operator to perform camera control duties with their own radio and video display unit. Tilt and roll controls of the gimbal are also available. The "follow" mode stabilizes the camera while pointing straight ahead of the RX4-S automatically without the pilot needed to perform this manually.

This platform is ideal for aerial surveying and mapping applications requiring portability yet stable performance even in windy conditions.

Also available are 6 flight modes selectable from the radio controller:

  • Basic Stabilize
  • Position Hold (when sticks released, ability to fly on command with stick inputs and throttle)
  • Loiter with Intelligent Orientation Control (flight control without worrying about which direction the unit is facing)
  • Circle (automatically circle your point of interest at a fixed radius)
  • Drift Mode (flies like an airplane using just one stick)
  • Return to launch area on command via a control switch

Additional information on flight modes and pre-flight checks.

On-screen display of real-time telemetry information such as:

  • Remaining battery reserve
  • Battery load in amperes
  • Flight timer
  • Current flight mode
  • Altitude
  • Distance from home
  • GPS tracked
  • Longitude/Latitude
  • Bearing
  • Direction to home arrow
  • Artificial horizon

The RX4-S incorporates the following failsafes and interlocks to ensure complete safety for both commercial airspace and people on the ground:

  • Automatic return to home when radio contact is lost or battery is at critical level
  • GPS glitch detection to prevent fly-aways
  • Geofence to avoid flying beyond 750 meters and above an altitude of 100 meters
  • Speed and climb rate limiters when flying manually
  • Dedicated return to home flight mode switch on the radio
  • Full flight information log and system status recorded to onboard SD memory card

New and Improved Follow Me

The RX4-S's (Third Person View) Follow Me technology turns your platform into a hands-free aerial camera crew that puts you in the middle of your own adventure. The RX4-S can easily follow and film you while carrying any GPS enabled Android device. This advanced technology simultaneously controls the gimbal to keep the camera centered on you, capturing sweeping cinematic video from a perspective unlike any other.

Follow Me Modes:

  • Lead
  • Leash
  • Follow Left
  • Follow Right
  • Orbit (Circle)
  • Overhead

Set the distance to follow and altitude anytime while in Follow Me mode.

Flight Mission and Survey Planning

With the free Tower software, users can plan flights by simply drawing a flight path on any Android tablet or phone, which allows for hands-free flight control. Now your drone will go where you tell it to go, and it can even keep your camera pointed at the same location via a Region of Interest waypoint throughout the entire flight. This enables fun autonomous journeys, and automatically stabilized video capture that would be otherwise impossible. Use this to perform aerial surveys using your RX4-S.

Support for the Mission Planner and Android DroidPlanner requires the optional telemetry module available below.

Create aerial surveys and 3D models from the air using this platform and AgiSoft PhotoScan Professional.

Package includes pre-assembled and configured:

The RX4-S Quadcopter has an all up weight of 4.5KG including a 12000mAh battery and without gimbal.

All parts are assembled, flight control and radio system pre-configured and tested for flight. Shipped as single unit with everything included.

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  • Shipping Weight: 10kg
  • Manufactured by: XPedition Robotics

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